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Protect the Rights of the Unborn

Without a doubt, I'm Pro-Life. Join me in the fight to protect those that need it the most.

As a Pro-Life couple, working to save the lives of unborn children is not just a slogan, but something we have taken to heart.

Tamara and I are in front of one of the Montgomery County Pregnancy Care Centers. Over the years, I have witnessed these Centers do a great work of assisting women who find themselves in difficult situations. The Centers provide compassionate care for pregnant women. Additionally, I know first-hand of babies whose lives were spared because of the Centers.

Tamara first got involved with the Independence Center in 1993 and was very instrumental in 2000 in helping to establish a Center in Coffeyville. While Tamara did volunteer work – providing encouragement and care for the pregnant mothers – I did the things men can do. Like building maintenance and remodeling; in addition to regular financial support.

TAMARAAlthough the personal work of helping expectant moms takes place inside the Centers, the work of men, like my husband, is invaluable to the success of the Centers. As Virgil mentioned, being pro-life is more than words, it takes commitment and action.

Many legislators say they’re Pro-Life – especially at election time. Yet when the pressure is on, they can’t be counted on to cast a Pro-Life vote. My opponent is one of those legislators, he says he’s pro-life, but in his 4 years, he has made votes that were in direct contradiction to how his pro-life constituents asked him to vote.

As a State Senator, you can be assured I will cast pro-life votes and work to end abortion in Kansas.

The Kansas Supreme Court got it wrong in 2019 when they struck down the 2015 law I helped pass that outlawed dismemberment abortion in Kansas. As a part of that ruling the Court said the Kansas Constitution guarantees a right to an abortion – it does not! We must amend the State Constitution to correct the Court’s ruling and save the lives of unborn children.

== It’s the Right Thing to do ==

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