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Virgil Announces Campaign Launch

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Former State Representative runs for Kansas State Senate District 15

HAVANA - Former State Representative and current Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, Virgil Peck, announced that he has filed the necessary paperwork with the Kansas Secretary of State as a candidate for the State Senate – District 15; which includes most of Montgomery and Labette counties and all of Neosho County.

Peck, who describes himself as a small-government, low-tax, pro-life, constitutional conservative, says District 15 needs a strong, aggressive voice representing them in Topeka – “something we currently do not have”. He adds, “I’m confident when republican voters learn the voting record, conduct and lack of action of the current senator, they will understand the need for a change.”

The seat is currently occupied by Dan Goddard, a Parsons Republican. Peck, who lost to Goddard by 171 votes in the low-voter August 2016 primary, said that for many years Senate District 15 had an actively engaged senator, Jeff King or Derek Schmidt, working for them in the State Capitol, but says, “that does not describe our current Senator”. Peck reports, “In his four years as a Senator, Goddard did not introduce/author even one piece of legislation – he merely occupied the seat.” Peck says as a member of the Kansas House, he authored numerous pieces of legislation, with several becoming law. He added, “I’ve proven I can get things done.”

Peck said, “The residents of Senate District 15 want and deserve an aggressive, engaged senator – one who will represent their interests, and is not beholden to deep-pocketed special interest groups.” He points out that, since being elected in 2016, Goddard’s campaign finance reports show he has taken over $35,000 in contributions from lobbyists; while only receiving one $500 contribution from someone living in Senate District 15.

As it relates to the campaign, Peck says, “I look forward to the opportunity to visit with many voters over the next several months about issues important to them. I’m not a perfect person. Like everyone else, I’ve made mistakes. But my campaign will focus on the issues as I compare and contrast the political differences between me and my opponent. I want voters to make an informed choice.”

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